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Finance Homeork gives financial services to their clients and their business executive that is focused on providing business leaders with keen insights/evaluations of how the business is operating and how to improve the businesses profitability. Finance Homework is a detail-oriented professional with a track record of successfully identifying cost allocation issues and then getting the issue remedied to help senior managers make better decisions (pricing/contracts, profit estimation & impact to compensation). Always provided unique insights into businesses    Recent Articles:   Creative Ways to Finance Your Business Family and Friends 1. Write a business proposal as if you were going to write one to obtain a loan from a banker. Discuss what the business does, the market demand for the product or service, how you intend to market your product or service, include financial projections: in what time frame do you anticipate the business will be making a profit. Include financial statements and tax returns.   2. State how much money you need, what the money will be used for and the terms of the loan such as the interest rate, how you intend to pay the loan back whether this be in a lump sum or in scheduled payments. You should also state whether the loan is secure, that in the event you are unable to pay the loan the lender will have a percentage of ownership in the business. In making your proposal more attractive to the lender you may consider having a promissory note or agreement stating the financial terms, scheduled payments and entitlement to the business in the event the note is not paid. Read more at   How to Finance Your Company Using Sales as Collateral One of the biggest reasons why small companies can’t get business financing is that they lack the collateral that most financial institutions demand. This puts business owners in a very challenging position because they need the financing to grow – but they can obtain it. Most business owners think that a business loan (or line of credit) is the only financial solution that will help their companies. This is incorrect. There are a number of alternative products that can be better than business loans for certain situations. One of these products is factoring, commonly known as invoice factoring. Read more at
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